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7 Haunted Houses & Trails Within an Hour of Charlotte


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Below, find several new and returning haunted houses and trails that offer some in-person thrills this year: 

SCarowinds Tickets
14523 Carowinds Blvd.
Opening Day: Sept. 17
Price: $40-$72
Ages: “There is no age requirement to enter SCarowinds, but we recommend all guests be 13 years or older due to the nature of the event.”
Description, via organizers: “SCarowinds, the Carolinas’ largest Halloween event, returns in 2021. Keep looking over your shoulder, because EVERY. SINGLE. THING you fear is here. Whether you’ve visited each year of fear, or if this is your first time, you’ll sleep with the lights on after experiencing this new generation of SCarowinds. Every corner is cursed afresh with haunted mazes, scare zones and live (or maybe not live) entertainment. Hordes of hungry zombies and blood-thirsty vampires eagerly await you – i.e. their next meal. And those wicked screams! There’s just no escaping them. Add our world-class thrill rides that instill a brand of fear all their own and you’ve got extreme, supreme Halloween – dare we say it? – FUN. Yep, we’ll scare the living daylights out of you, but it’s an AMAZING night and one of the best things to do for Halloween!”

The 13th Acre
3718 Plyler Mill Rd., Monroe
Opening Day: Sept. 24
Distance from Charlotte: 30 miles
Price: $13-$35 (Extra for corn maze)
Ages: Not recommended for kids ages 8 and under.
Description, via organizers: “In Monroe, NC, an eerily silent haunted trail captures the attention of many. Unknown creatures create chaos and mayhem in the area at night, but no one ever dares to enter it to know the truth. Are you brave enough to find out what lies in there? Feel as if you are walking right into your worst nightmare when you and your friends see how far you can go through The 13th Acre.”

Scarrigan Farms
1213 Oakride Farm Hwy., Mooresville
Opening Oct. 1
Distance from Charlotte: 32 miles
Price: $30
Ages: “This trail is for ages 12+ only, therefore there is no child price.”
Description, via organizers: “”On select October nights, our 275 acre farm is transformed into the scariest haunted trail in the region. If you are looking for a new and out of the ordinary way to get your heart pumping and adrenaline rushing this October, Scarrigan Farms is the place for you.”

The 901 Nightmare
3520 Mt Holly Rd., Edgemoor, S.C.
Opening Oct. 1
Distance from Charlotte: 34 miles
Price: $25 (Kids 11 and under are $20)
Ages: “We recommend ages 11 and older, however younger children are allowed to accompany an 18 year old or above.”
Description, via organizers: “Far into the shadowy depths of the woods just off South Carolina highway 901 lies a darkness that spreads like a strangling vine. Feeding on your fears, this vile force chokes out every glint of life that it can tangle in its cold, deadly grip… eventually absorbing it into its ever-growing mass of infection. Come face to face with true terror this year as you step foot into a decrepit shack on the edge of the tree line, only then to be plunged into the gloomy abyss known as The 901 Nightmare. If you find yourself alone in the woods, will anyone hear your screams? Come out to The 901 Nightmare to find out what’s your worst nightmare!”

725 Phaniel Church Rd., Rockwell
Oct. 9, 15, 16, 22, 23, 29, and 30
Distance from Charlotte: 34 miles
Price: $30
Ages: “We do not recommend anyone under the age of 12 go through the trail.”
Description, via organizers: BoogerWoods has “15 great scenes,” including Mine Shaft, Captain Floyd Captain Otis Pirate Ship, Leatherface, Boogerassic Park, Booger Vortex, The Doll House, Twister, Doors?, Midnight Taxi, Booger Maze, Clown Theater, Torture Chamber, Ty’s Service, Boogerswood Campground, and Club Booger.

The Fear Farm
424 99 Island Rd., Blacksburg, S.C.
Opening Oct. 1
Distance from Charlotte: 51 miles
Price: $15-$25
Ages: No age limit, “however we are not responsible for people being ‘too scared,’ having bad dreams, or the need to check under your bed every night for creatures … so parental discretion is advised.”
Description, via organizers: “For 2021 The attractions start on the Monster Midway where you will see photo ops, monsters, concessions, gift shop, live DJ or live bands and more all included in your ticket. You will go into the renovated ABYSS- where the things in the pitch dark can see you but you can’t see them! Next you will enter MINESHAFT MAYHEM where you travel down an abandoned mineshaft so far under ground nobody can hear you scream! Then make your way to EXPER1M3NT 13 which will test all of your fears from clown, claustrophobia, death, and more. Lastly, you will enter the award winning FARM HOUSE which doubled in size this year. Wait until you see it! See what everyone is screaming about at The Fear Farm- where fear grows!”

Midway Wicked Woods
114 Midway Dr., Statesville
Opening Oct. 1
Distance from Charlotte: 52 miles
Price: $20-$35
Ages: “We recommend children be 10yr or older to go on the trail, but it is your choice.”
Description, via organizers: “Come join us and walk the ‘Midway Wicked Woods’ during our 25th year. You will be transported on a wagon to the entrance, where you will be dropped off to walk the ‘Midway Wicked Woods’ unguided and on your own! In the darkness of night you will walk the trail through many scary buildings, a 600ft totally dark maze and hold on tight as you venture into the spinning ‘Tunnel of Terror.’ Be sure to wear the 3D glasses in our 3D Clown Room! You will walk through the Haunted Graveyard where the Dead Are NOT Always DEAD. See if you can make it out ALIVE! During the Harvest Moon be on the look out for Wicked Willie. He will be watching and waiting for you!”


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