7 Ways to Get More Instagram Followers (Engaging & Active)

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms today. It was founded in 2010 and within a decade, Instagram has created a long-lasting legacy for itself. From your neighbor next door to the biggest stars in Hollywood, everyone is on Instagram. The popularity of Instagram has also led many of its users to fame. That is why everyone wants to get Instagram followers faster and it has become a sort of style statement today. Instagram’s potential audience of over a billion users creates numerous opportunities for users to have millions of followers. A lot of them have grabbed this opportunity and achieved celebrity status through just posting solid content. There are a lot of factors that make Instagram the most preferred platform for individuals and brands for getting recognition.

Why Instagram?

One of the biggest reasons behind Instagram being so popular for marketing and promotions is the large user base. Instagram has statistically 1.2 billion users all over the world. Such a number of users makes Instagram one of the elites of social media. Facebook is another such platform that has more than a billion users.

The major issue with Facebook is its engagement rates and algorithms. Facebook’s algos can randomly turn the tide against you and halt your entire progress. Not only are Instagram’s engagement rates statistically superior, but their algorithm is also known to be stable and reliable as well. All of these factors combine to make Instagram the perfect platform for anyone who wants to get recognized online. 

Benefits Of Having More Instagram Followers 

Instagram followers play the biggest role in your growth. The activity and the credibility that your follower count boosts is crucial for getting famous on Instagram. First of all, more followers enrich your presence on the platform. Their followers and friends get introduced to you and the number also boosts your profile’s reach.

More followers also boost the sales of your product or the traffic of your website. When your Instagram followers increase, with time you can earn an influencer status. Not only do you get fame but make a living by sealing deals with big brands. 

How To Get More Instagram Followers?

Creative and Original Content

Content is the basis of your entire adventure online. It is just like you get paid for a skill in a job. If you do not have anything to offer, you can not expect anything in return either. To get money or fame, you need to have a unique content of yourself. This is how thousands have reached the status of being online celebrities. Each of them has something cool and different to give to the online world. There are so many genres out there.

From travel to photography to memes, the sky’s the limit. However, do not simply go with whatever the trend is. Do what you do best and stick to it in the long run. Decide on a specific niche and commit, this ensures you foster a long term fan base. The content needs to possess a certain set of qualities. First of all, it needs to be original. You can share content created by others with proper credit, but it does not work long-term. To have an identity of yourself, you need to create it by yourself. 

Other than being original, the content shouldn’t be repetitive. Reposting a post is fine but doing it over and over can lessen the interest of your existing followers. It is important to maintain creativity and relevance as well. Keeping an eye on the internet trends can make it easy to not run out of relevant content ideas. 

Publishing Content Regularly 

Just creating the content is not enough. When you have got the creation part covered, it is time to put it out on display for the rest of the world. After all, what is the point of creating something if it does not come to your use. The content that you have produced is useless if it is just kept to yourself. As important as generating content regularly, so is publishing it on a regular basis. Finding the right frequency of publishing is crucial. Neither can you post too few nor too much.

Failing to post stuff regularly is an obvious threat. If you don’t post too much, your existing followers will begin to forget you. Your presence on the platform will wear out fast. The reach of your account can take a dip as well. Even worse, the existing followers might unfollow you as well. If you post too much content, that in itself can create a problem. Too many posts will crowd your followers’ news feed and might cause an annoyance to them. 

The number of Instagram users is still increasing every passing day. You’ll always have more people and a new audience to showcase to. So, it is better to keep publishing actively if you want more followers. You can also use scheduling and automation tools to make your work easier. 

Use The Hashtags Properly

Hashtags are an integral part of Instagram. If you use Instagram or Twitter, it is highly possible that you know what hashtags are. Hashtags are the keywords that you see in the captions of some Instagram posts. Paired with a hash (#) sign, these hashtags are blue unlike the rest of the words on a post. In fact, they are called hashtags just because they are tags coupled with the hash symbol. The purpose of these hashtags is simple yet quite useful. A hashtag is a word that is related to the content one has published. For example, if you see a clicked picture of a pizza posted on Instagram, you will find tags like “photography, and “food” included in the caption. When you click on any one of them, it brings up all the posts that include that specific keyword.

Now, the question might arise about the importance of a hashtag. It can be very beneficial for your account if you include relevant hashtags in your posts. If someone searches for that hashtag, it will bring them to your posts. This is a great way of gaining exposure organically

However, you can’t just use any hashtag simply. If your account is growing, do not use hashtags that are too popular. These tags have millions of posts and the chances of people discovering you from millions of accounts are really slim. 

Join Engagement Groups

Engagement groups are a concept that a lot of social media users are unaware of. An engagement group works on the basic idea of users helping out each other. How it works is that users of an engagement group collaborate to increase the number of likes, comments, and obviously followers organically. All you have to do is find a reliable group and be active in it. Whenever you post something on Instagram, share it in the group. The people there will head to your Instagram to like it and comment on it. All of them will follow you as well and you get a solid amount of real Instagram followers. It is also organic and completely free.

These groups do not charge anything. All you have to do is follow other users, and like and comment whenever they post. It is probably the best method of getting active Instagram followers. Likes and comments on your posts consistently keep increasing which boosts your reach and attracts more followers. You can find these groups on Instagram, Facebook, and Telegram. It is even better to join a group that matches your niche. 

Stay Active Around The Platform

Maintaining activity on Instagram is a must if you want to stay relevant. By activity, we don’t just mean publishing content. While it is necessary, it alone might not be sufficient to help you reach your goals. There are a lot of ways you can be active on Instagram. The most basic way of doing so is commenting on posts of different users and pages.

It is a very common concept that you might have witnessed for yourself. There are many accounts across different platforms which have become famous through just comments. They comment on something creative, funny, and relatable to gain the attention of other users that are active on a page’s comment section. Many such users have gone on to get famous online and so can you.

To gain more productive followers, you can prioritize commenting on pages that belong to your niche. The users in such pages’ comment sections will be the ones interested in the same stuff that you offer. They will come for your comments but stay for the original content that you have to offer. You will get more followers and a large percentage of that will stay with you. 

Maintain Connection With Your Audience 

They say; the best way to get new followers goes through retaining your existing followers. Through interaction and communication, you can build a bond with your followers. Doing so thoroughly increases the chances of not only staying with you but also recommending you to their friends and followers. Instagram gives you plenty of features and options to communicate with your followers effectively.

The most simple ones are comments and direct messages. These two are the most effective for building a direct connection with followers individually. You can hold live sessions to interact with all of your followers at once as well. Through polls and QnA sessions, you can have them give crucial feedback for the future as well. 

We have already discussed hashtags and their importance. There is a method to implement hashtags with community interaction to maximize the potential of both. You can do so with a custom hashtag of your own. You can ask your followers to include this hashtag in their posts. Their followers will end up discovering you and can add to your follower list. 

Use Instagram Features To Your Advantage 

Instagram is full of features that can boost your progress without having to spend a single penny. It is one of the richest platforms when it comes to the number of features. One of the most influential such features today is Instagram Reels. Reels were used by Instagram as a challenge to TikTok. You can share small video clips in Reels that are available for the public to see. Instagram reels have significantly high engagement rates and pose more chances for you to go viral.

Even if you don’t have a lot of followers, you can count on reels to get your content trending. Stories and Highlights are two more such features. On Stories, you can upload images and videos temporarily for your audience to see. Highlights are a permanent version of Stories that you can feature on your profile. Both Stories and Highlights have bigger engagement rates than regular posts too. 


Instagram is indeed the rage of modern times. It has recently reached the milestone of 1 billion users and became one of the very few platforms to do so. More than 75% of these users are active on the platform on a monthly basis. The engagement rates of Instagram are higher than most as well.

Everything on the platform is user-friendly from the algorithms to its visual content exclusiveness. All of it helps you gain more instagram followers and reach the Instagram goals you’ve always had. All you have to do is follow these 7 strategies and you’ll never again need to ask how to get more Instagram followers.

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