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A Southwest Charlotte Man Finds A Sign In His Yard Calling Him A Nazi With A Nazi Salute


CHARLOTTE, NC. — Doorbell camera video shows a man walking up to a home in Arsley on October 16th, just before noon with a sign. If you take a close look, the sign has a Nazi victory salute written on it saying, “A DNC nazi lives here.” The sign was left in a man’s yard. He does not want to be identified but says the person who put the sign in his yard is a neighbor.

“Really, we’re lost for words. When I showed her the video that night, I was like can you believe this is happening, we both didn’t know what to say; we were baffled the rest of the night,” he says, “My wife is handicapped and Jewish, and she don’t even want me to leave the house now.”

He says his neighbor put the sign there just days after he put a flag in his yard. It says:

“Science is real, Black lives matter, no human is illegal, women’s rights are human rights, love is love, and that’s what it says on it.”

He says he called the police the next day, and an officer came out. While he was talking to the officer, he says his neighbor came outside.

“He came out and talked with the cop a little bit, where he came up with this wild excuse of saying that his banner had got tore up and he saw the person who did it, and he thought it was perhaps my house.”

The man says his neighbor’s banner is still intact, and he has a doorbell camera, so he would have seen who did it. WCCB went to the neighbor’s house to get his side of the story. No answer.

“It’s a little scary just in that there’s somebody living a couple houses down that has this weird view.”

The man says he called 311 to report but was told to call 911 because it could be a hate crime. Police filed an event report. WCCB reached out to CMPD to find out why no action has been taken, and we have not heard back.


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