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Butler High School Implementing New Rules To Curb Fights In School


CHARLOTTE, NC. — It’s not going to work. That’s what some Butler High School students are saying after the principal sent a letter to families laying out new safety protocols due to an increase in “physical altercations.”

“I think like no one will listen to it, and they’ll just rebel against it,” says freshman Chloe Ross.

-All students will participate in conflict resolution training.
-Recording cell phone videos of fights or other inappropriate acts are not permitted. Students who are identified recording fights will have their phone confiscated and could get up to 5 days out of school suspension.
-Students who refuse to disperse when witnessing an incident could get up to 2 days out of school suspension.
“Too much of it is recorded in spread to the school for them to stop everyone.”

Superintendent Earnest Winston sent a note to parents last week saying the district ordered clear backpacks for all students that will arrive in February. CMS is also doubling random safety screenings, considering the use of metal detectors and wands, practicing active shooter scenarios, and working on an anonymous reporting tool for students to report guns.

“I think that like the clear backpacks, like that rule, I don’t think that would be, I don’t think it would make sense because I feel like it’s an invasion of privacy. Like what if a student hasn’t been personal in their backpack.”


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