Christmas Town USA Reflects On 66 Years Of Spectacular Light Show

MCADENVILLE, N.C. — It’s a spectacular Christmas lights display that draws in hundreds of thousands of people to our area every year.  But, how did Christmas Town USA come to be?

More than 500-thousand people visit McAdenville in the month of December every year.  The Christmas lights show began as a simple idea among four men 66 years ago.  The men worked at McAden Mills, a textile company back in the 1950’s.  One year, they talked about how they could make their town more festive for the holidays.  The men came up with a simple idea of hanging a ‘Merry Christmas’ sign on one of the tallest hills in town.  After that year, the decorations grew bigger and bigger.

“I could not even in my wildest dream think it would ever be anything like this,” says Dick Roberts, organizer.

In 1993, McAdenville earned the distinction Christmas Town USA.  Over 400 trees are decorated with thousands of lights throughout the town.  The lights are on every night from 5:30 p.m. until 10 through December 26th.

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