City Of Charlotte Celebrates Grand Opening Of Separated Bike Lanes On Parkwood Avenue | PHOTOS

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — On Friday, the City of Charlotte celebrated the grand opening of new bike lanes on Parkwood Avenue that will improve safety for cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists.

“As a city that values freedom of movement and the importance of providing a multitude of mobility options, this is another fantastic step forward,” said Mayor Pro Tem Julie Eiselt. “The Parkwood Avenue separated bike lanes will give our city more options to move around, exercise and spend quality family time in a safe, controlled area.”

Officials say the 0.8-mile bike lanes will improve safety and mobility in the Belmont, Villa Heights, and Optimist Park neighborhoods.

Officials say the project is designed to:

  • Implement a dedicated space for cyclists by using an existing travel lane.
  • Provide additional mileage to the City of Charlotte’s existing bike network.
  • Provide adequate separation of cyclists from traffic.
  • Allow for safer conditions for all modes of transportation, including pedestrians.

“This segment of Parkwood has been transformed from a dangerous road for moving cars to a complete street that will be safer for all users: pedestrians, cyclists, bus riders and drivers,” said Sustain Charlotte Founder and Executive Director Shannon Binns. “We are thrilled that the city has responded to the community’s plea for safety as we know it will result in a dramatic reduction, if not elimination, of lost lives and serious injuries on this road. We will continue to partner with residents and the city to bring safer streets like this to all neighborhoods.”

The Parkwood Avenue route and other bike routes can be found at


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