CMPD Searching For Suspects After Gunfire Erupted At Steele Creek Apartment

CHARLOTTE — Gunfire shattered a peaceful night for three women in Steele Creek.

They were sitting in their living room when bullets started flying through their door.

It happened Wednesday night at the Avant at Steele Creek Apartments.  Jordyn McAtee says it began as just a normal night.  She and her roommates were sitting around chatting when gunfire broke out.

“I was sitting right here on the couch.  My other roommate was sitting right here in front of this window on the couch, she was doing her nails.  I was painting.  We heard the first shot, and we heard it before we saw anything.  So, the first one was so loud, it sounded like a firecracker, right outside the window,” says Jordyn McAtee.

McAtee and her roommates dropped to the floor.  She later found that a bullet also pierced her bedroom window.  According to CMPD, someone outside fired several rounds into the building.  A couple of cars were damaged too.  No one was hurt, and no one has been arrested.

If you have any information about this case, call Crimestoppers.

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