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CMS Spending Nearly $450,000 On Clear Backpacks For Students


CHARLOTTE, NC. — Receipts obtained by WCCB show CMS ordered 46,000 clear backpacks from Office Depot for $441,000. Carolyn McGrath is a CMS parent and works in security, working for a company that partners with schools to promote safety.

“I think it could be a minimal deterrent in some cases. But overall clear backpacks as a standalone solution, I see more as a Band-Aid. I think there’s more effective things the district could do,” McGrath says.

Superintendent Earnest Winston sent a note to parents last week saying the district ordered clear backpacks for all students that will arrive in February. CMS is also doubling random safety screenings, considering the use of metal detectors and wands, practicing active shooter scenarios, and working on an anonymous reporting tool for students to report guns. At least 18 firearms have been found on cms campuses so far this year, along with an uptick in fights in schools.

Some CMS students tell WCCB they think clear backpacks are an invasion of privacy.


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