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Community Mourns Death Of 6 Year-Old; Mother Charged With Murder


CHESTER, SC – A community is grieving after a six year old is shot and killed by his mother. It happened in Fairfield County, South Carolina over the Thanksgiving holiday.

“I don’t know if I could’ve done anything but I sure would have tried,” said neighbor Linda Rogers.

“That was the most precious little boy I’ve ever met in my life,” she continued.

Rogers lived next door to the family of Jase Wise. She regularly saw him playing in the yard and says he made an impact on everyone he encountered.

“”My grandson lives with me and I consider him a grandchild, too,” said Rogers.

According to police, Jase was shot and killed by his mother, Mary Rosborough, at close range.

In the report, Rosborough’s brother, Will  says Mary came home from deer hunting earlier in the day and he heard the shots in another room.

He was able to wrestle the rifle away from her.  Will told police she was on drugs, uncontrollable and said she wanted to send Jase to “heaven”

Property Manager Wendy Sawyer was shocked by the news.

“She was a loving mother, she loved that little boy with all of her heart. You could see the love in her eyes and face as they played outside together,” said Sawyer.

Neighbors grieving the loss of a young life say this is also a reminder not to turn a blind eye to drug and addiction problems.

“Don’t stop, don’t turn your head, don’t oh, well they’ve got issues and issues. Say it’s drugs and get help! When you don’t get help, that’s when it’s sad but when you get help. You’re the greatest person or friend and person can have,” said Rogers.

If you or a loved one need help with addiction, you can call the national addiction helpline at 1-800-662-HELP.

People in Chester can contact the  Hazel Pittman Center 803-377-8111.


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