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Current and Former CMS Students Demand Changes Following Another Reported Sexual Assault On Campus


CHARLOTTE, NC -Protests and calls to action on Thursday night over the handling of sexual assaults within Charlotte Mecklenburg schools.

“CMS, why do you allow this to continue to happen. Why are our cries and pleas not being addressed,” said a former CMS student during a rally in Uptown.

Survivors of sexual assault lashed out at CMS and demanded change.

“We use our voices for those who have had their voices ripped from them,” said Serenity Simpson. She led a protest last month following the reports of a sexual assault at Olympic High School.

The latest sex assault was reported on Wednesday. A 15-year-old says another student assaulted her at West Charlotte High School. CMPD is now investigating.

“We are here because we want to change things for the better,” said Nikki Wombwell.

She is a former Myers Park student who sued CMS for it’s handling of her on-campus rape allegation. She says the district needs more accountability for people in power.

“It’s important that the survivors and victims of the system get to have their voices heard because we’re being left out of the conversation about our own rights,” said Wombwell.

Current and former students say their claims are being pushed under the rug and their demands ignored.

“I was blamed for what happened to me,” said another former student.

The district reassigned the former Myers Park principal, Mark Bosco to a District position as a senior Administrator following an investigation into his conduct.

Bosco’s attorney, Sally Higgins says, ” after a lengthy and thorough investigation of the facts, CMS finds no basis to conclude he mishandled any allegation of sexual misconduct.”

Wombwell says no victims were interviewed during the internal investigation.

She and others are demanding independent investigations, a designated office to handle claims, and consent and sexual assault education in schools.

“They’re really trying to squash the voices of the opposition and they just need to know that we’re not going to go away,” said Wombwell.


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