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Don’t Let Driving In The Fog Spook You This Fall


As the weather cools and the days grow shorter, driving in fog becomes a spooky reality. Fog makes visibility challenging and makes your drive time a little bit riskier if you’re not careful. And unfortunately, fog is a pretty common occurrence during that early morning commute. Our N Charlotte Toyota dealership is here with tips to help you tackle driving in fog and get to your destination as safely as possible. 

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Six N Charlotte Toyota tips for driving in fog

Tip #1: Turn on your headlights, but not your brights. 

When you’re driving in fog, it’s important to utilize your headlights for the best visibility, especially if the sun isn’t fully out. However, don’t use your brights. It won’t really help you see any better in foggy conditions because the fog will just bounce off the light, and you could also unintentionally make it more difficult for oncoming drivers to see what’s going on. If you have fog lights, put them to use. 

Tip #2: Get rid of any and all distractions. 

When visibility is challenging, it’s critical that your mind is on the task at hand. Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel at all times when driving in fog. Put away your phone, stop playing with the radio, and eat your snack when you get to your final destination. You’ll want to use your best defensive driving skills to ensure you can avoid an accident rather than just react to one as it’s happening. 

Tip #3: Either keep going or pull off to the side. 

Do not stop in the middle of the road in foggy conditions. You’re making yourself an easy target for another vehicle to collide with. Either push on and keep driving or find a safe place to pull over until visibility is better. 

Tip #4: Go the speed limit. 

Speed limits were created for a reason – to keep you safe at a speed designated appropriate for your location. Always go the speed limit in the fog – speeding is dangerous in itself, and when you combine it with limited visibility it’s a recipe for disaster. 

Tip #5: Defog your windshield and back window. 

Foggy conditions outside can also make your windshield and back window fog up, causing even poorer visibility. Use your defroster to get both clear again so you can see where you’re going and also see what’s going on behind you. 

Tip #6: Use the right-side line market as a guide. 

Want a little reassurance that you’re on the right path? Use the right lane marker as a guide to ensure you stay in your lane and on the road when visibility isn’t what it should be. 

Toyota of N Charlotte tips

Schedule headlight restoration at Toyota of N Charlotte 

Whether you want more tips for driving in fog or need headlight restoration to get your exterior lighting shining bright again, we’ve got you covered! Stop by and see us at Toyota of N Charlotte. We’re open seven days a week at 13429 Statesville Road, just off I-77 at exit 23 in Huntersville. 


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