Edge On The Clock: Real Bullet In Chamber Of Gun That Killed Halyna Hutchins On Rust Movie Set

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – It was a real bullet in the chamber that ended up killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. Detectives investigating the deadly shooting caused by Alec Baldwin on set of the film Rust have made that official. The Santa Fe Police Department says Baldwin was told there was a “cold gun” on set, meaning there was not an actual bullet in the chamber. But the assistant director who handed Baldwin the gun says that he did not check all the rounds loaded in the weapon.

Plus, the creator of Netflix’s number one show in the world, Squid Game, is responding to LeBron James’ criticism of the show’s ending.

And, a hiker who was missing for more than 24 hours on Colorado’s highest mountain, Mount Elbert, ignored repeated phone calls from a search and rescue team because they came from an unknown number.

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