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Featured Practice: Adult General and Cosmetic Dentistry


Steven Ghim Cosmetic Dentistrycrop

Steven H. Ghim, DMD, FAGD

8912 Blakeney Professional Drive
Ste. 400
Charlotte, NC 28277



21 TopdentistsbuttonFor Dr. Steven Ghim and his professional, caring staff, your smile is their passion. With a practice founded on world-class care, leading-edge techniques, and the highest standards, Dr. Ghim has served the Charlotte region by providing confidence-building smiles to his patients for 20 years. As one of the most respected dental clinicians in the area, he has been chosen by peers as a Top Dentist year after year in Charlotte magazine. 

An adult comprehensive, implant, and esthetic dentist whose cosmetic dentistry works have been published worldwide, Dr. Ghim delivers detailed and exquisite results with conservative cosmetic dentistry. With his ability and underlying passion, Dr. Ghim provides natural-looking veneers and crowns with intimate detail. He and his team are adept at correcting color mismatches and unnatural-looking crowns and veneers. 

The dentist’s commitment to the best patient experience is reflected in the most advanced interactive treatment planning tool in dentistry. Cosmetic and comprehensive care patients take advantage of interacting with treatment planning picture software to help them understand and chart their course of treatment. “No one else in dentistry can offer this product for patients,” Dr. Ghim says. “We are proud to have the first of its kind in dentistry.”

Another key advantage is the practice’s emphasis on team dentistry. Dr. Ghim believes there are certain procedures and treatments that should always be reserved for dental specialists who are experts in their specific field. He collaborates with some of the world’s most renowned specialists and technicians, ensuring the standard of care for his patients is met or exceeded.  


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