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Help Give Them All “Best Days” CMPD Animal Care & Control Adoption Promotion



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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (News Release) – Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Animal Care & Control (AC&C) is running an adoption promotion asking the Charlotte community to help them make more “best days” for adult dogs that are currently available for adoption at the adoption center located at 8315 Byrum Drive in Charlotte. The promotion runs now through November 24th, 2021.

“A best day” is when we receive emails, private messages on our social channels, text or actual thank you cards or letters in the mail from AC&C adopters giving us an update on how their (usually recent) adopted pet is acclimating to their new home. They also share incredibly heartwarming photos of the pet on the sofa, snuggled with their new family, says AC&C’s Communications Manager, Melissa Knicely. “These messages and photos make our days, seeing the animals that stole our hearts in forever, now in loving homes… there is really nothing that compares.”

Despite the Summer Lovin’ four-month fee-waived adoption campaign and the amazing help from the local media back in September to get the word out that the dog kennels were at maximum capacity and the public’s response, there are still a lot of dogs waiting for homes.

“We are still housing a large number of stray dogs in the kennels, currently we only have eight open kennels for dogs, said AC&C Director, Dr. Josh Fisher. “Last week the AC&C team met to discuss pushing out another adoption special to run through Black Friday, in hopes we can get some dogs into foster homes or even better adopted into permanent homes.”

The adoption promotion celebrates “best days” and includes a real adoption testimonial that was sent and shared on the CMPD Animal Care & Control Facebook channel.

A new way of keeping the public informed on kennel space is being implemented in media releases, on social media, and in the shelter. The meter will reflect the amount of kennel space that is available. The meter will have a label that indicates what it is for, in this instance, it’s for dog kennels.

The shelter will always have a need for adoptions, even when the meter is in the green, however when you see the black arrow in the orange and red areas, that means they REALLY need your help!

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Foster, Staycation, Adopt, and help spread the word. (see action items below).

How you can you help?

Click here to learn how you can take a dog on a Staycation for a long weekend:
A Staycation is available to people who cannot commit to adopting a pet but want to help by taking a dog home for up to five days to give it a break from the shelter environment and provide it the benefits and experience of living in a loving home.

Click here to learn more about fostering shelter pets:

Consider a longer-term foster assignment. Fostering reduces long-term boarding of animals who can suffer from kennel stress which often leads to behavior issues. Foster-centric is a trending tern that describes a new model for animal sheltering. It puts animals who are ready for adoption in homes in the community, leaving space at the shelter for the animals who need special care or management.

Click here to learn how to adopt a shelter pet:

If you have been thinking about adding a furry friend to your family, there is no better time than now. Adopting one animal will save two lives: by saving the one you adopt and the one who takes its place.

Share the need for adoptions on your personal social media channels!

For more information, please visit animals.cmpd.org.


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