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Humane Society Of Charlotte Encourages Pet Safety This Halloween Weekend


CHARLOTTE, NC (News Release) — This Halloween, the Humane Society of Charlotte (HSC) is encouraging the community to practice safe celebrating to keep their pets secure during the festivities.

Halloween is an exciting time for all, but between strangers dressed in costumes, shrieks and squeals of small children, and the repetitive ringing of the doorbell, any pet could become stressed. HSC hopes to offer advice to better help pet owners prevent veterinary visits and lost pet reports this weekend.

Check out these five tips & tricks from the Humane Society of Charlotte to keep pets safe and happy this Halloween weekend.

  • Keep the trick-or-treat candy away from your dog or cat. Artificial sweeteners such as xylitol can be lethal to dogs and chocolate can make both dogs & cats sick. Pets and candy just don’t mix.
  • Do not leave your dog outside on Halloween. Joyous shrieks of children and a flurry of activity can tempt or startle your pet to make a break for it. Keep them safe in the house and on a leash during potty breaks.
  • Keep your pets away from the door and in a safe location. Excited pets can dash out of the door and become lost.
  • Keep Halloween pumpkins and corn out of your pet’s reach. These vegetables can give your pets gastrointestinal issues or cause blockages if swallowed.
  • Use caution with pet costumes. Not all pets enjoy being dressed and the foreign outfit could cause undue stress. Unless you know your pet is comfortable and stress-free in their outfit, it’s best to skip the pet costumes.

Community members interested in more behavior tips and tricks from the Humane Society of Charlotte can visit HSC’s website and learn more about our Behavior & Training program which offers a variety of supervised playgroups, behavior classes, and private sessions.


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