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Increasing Winds Through the Weekend


An area of low pressure will cross over the Florida Peninsula and ride up the eastern coast of the United States. While most of the rain associated with this low pressure will stay east of the WCCB area, some bands of rain could sneak in on Saturday, especially east and southeast of Charlotte. How far west the rain gets just depends on the final track of the low pressure – the closer the low gets to Charlotte, the more rain we see, but as of Friday it doesn’t look like much.

The rain is not the real story of the weekend, it is the wind. With an area of high pressure to our north and the coastal low pressure not far away, we will have what is called a tight pressure gradient which means stronger winds.

Surface Map

WEEKEND WIND: Sustained winds on Saturday will be between 10-20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph possible with gusts up to 25 mph possible on Sunday. The difference between Saturday and Sunday is clouds will dominate Saturday with sunshine breaking through on Sunday.

Graf Longer Range Wind Gusts

Graf Longer Range Wind Gusts

FOR THE COAST: A totally different story will dominate the coast with winds possibly gusting up to 65 mph with computer models projecting upwards of 5+ inches of rain. Not only will there be strong winds and heavy rain, flooding is possible as well. The combination of King tides and water being pushed onshore from the low pressure, minor to moderate coastal flooding is possible.

5 Day Rain Panels Am


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