Kindred’s “Milkbread” to Open in Former Plaza Midwood Dairy Queen

Milkbread “all-day café” will be coming to Charlotte in summer 2022

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Press Release) — Chef Joe and Katy Kindred are excited to announce that their newest concept milkbread will not only be opening in Davidson but will also be coming to Charlotte in summer 2022! The third restaurant concept by the Kindred team, milkbread is an all-day café offering milk bread donuts, crispy chicken, vegetable focused bowls, and salads, with coffee, espresso, and non-alcoholic drinks served all day and a rotating selection of small production independent wine and beer available at night.

The Charlotte location of milkbread will be in the iconic Dairy Queen building in Plaza Midwood, where the team will be honoring the special corner in the Charlotte community with a thoughtful and careful restoration. Joe and Katy are very passionate about restoring and bringing new life to old buildings, as evident with Kindred and Hello, Sailor, and continuing to keep special buildings in the community in the hands of local small businesses.

To share a bit more about milkbread, the idea came about in the midst of the pandemic, when the Kindred team quickly rallied with their community to pivot and offer a menu that traveled well and met people where they were at, in need of comfort, optimism, and nostalgia. The biggest hits were milk bread donuts, crispy chicken sandwiches, and a rotation of fun, small production independent wines — all the elements in place at milkbread. Both locations will honor partnerships with their local friends and businesses, including serving a private label house roast by Summit Coffee, a co-branded espresso roast by HEX Coffee, and sourdoughs from Verdant Bread.

We look forward to continuing to share updates on both locations as they near opening – winter 2021 for Davidson and summer 2022 for Charlotte.

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