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Local Teens Accused Of Stealing, Abusing Neighbor’s Senior Dog


INDIAN TRAIL, N.C. – A warning from a local animal rescue group after a dog was stolen from its yard. Hera the blind and deaf 15-year-old Boston Terrier disappeared from her Indian Trail yard on October 19th. Her owners hung up posters around their neighborhood, and immediately started getting calls from teenagers.

Those teens said they had Hera, and were going to “cut her up and eat her.” They offered the teens money to return Hera, but the teens refused. After five days of these awful calls, and a lot of work talking to neighbors, one of the kids finally led rescuers to Hera.

Hera’s owner, and the rescuers, don’t want to be on camera yet due to safety concerns. They tell WCCB, “When Hera was located, she was tethered up, outside in the elements, with no access to food, water or shelter, or her medicine. It was a makeshift pen in an abandoned house at the neighborhood. There were several makeshift pens at this house so we suspect that Hera was not the only victim of this group of kids.”

One of the boys allegedly told rescuers the group of kids had done this to a family’s cat, too.

Hera was alive when she was found, but she died shortly after she was reunited with her family. Now, the Union County Sheriff’s Office is investigating. They tell WCCB that, “based on initial findings” the case could take several weeks.

If your pet disappeared from the Indian Trail or Monroe area, or if you had to pay kids money to get your pet back, call the Sheriff’s Office.


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