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Mom Worried Son Missing In Charlotte Could Be In Danger


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A mom is desperate to find her adult son who disappeared more than a week ago.

She says he suffers from severe mental illness and could be in danger.

“I’m very, very worried about him,” says Southport, NC resident Paulette Riceman.

She spent an unsuccessful weekend in Charlotte searching for 38-year-old William Tyler Wood.

“He basically hasn’t been seen by anybody for a week. And in his state, that’s very dangerous,” she says.

Wood was last spotted near Fairview and Colony roads in the SouthPark area.

His mom says he suffers from a combination of bipolar manic depression and schizophrenic tendencies.

“He could be not able to talk if approached, or he may seem totally removed,” Riceman says.

She she he refused to come home after being released from Novant Presbyterian a couple of months ago, instead staying in hotels along Albemarle Road.

But no one has seen him since Sunday, November 28th.

She’s checked hospitals, shelters, and the jail… with no luck.

“It’s my prayer that somehow he has gotten some help, and he’s just not showing up in the system,” she says.

Riceman and her friend have placed posters at shops and convenience stores in the area he was last seen and near the hotel where he used to stay.


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