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Monroe Council Member Hospitalized After Multiple Public Disturbances, Claims “God Spoke To Her”


MONROE, N.C. — Police were called to the Fairfield Inn in Monroe on the evening of Thursday, September 9th in response to a person disturbing the peace.

That person was identified as Council Member Angelia James who informed police that Gold told her there were felons on-site that needed to be arrested.

Monroe Police determined that the individuals identified by Council Member James were not felons, as James continued to insist that God spoke to her and there were felons at the hotel that needed to be arrested.

James even claimed one of the felons had committed a murder and insisted police obtain a search warrant to search the entire hotel to remove the felons.

James’ husband arrived shortly later at the scene to take her home.

Once back at home though, police were called to the James residence over a disturbance.

Officers say during that incident, James began telling several officers that they were either demoted, fired, promoted, or would be fired.

James also told these officers that she had already fired Police Chief Bryan Gilliard.

Soon after this, police say James was taken to Atrium Health Union Hospital by EMS for medical assistance.

At the hospital, James confronted more officers and individuals, even removing an officer’s facemask to declare that COVID was over.

James once again began telling officers at the scene that she was firing them.

She said that Chief Gilliard was no longer the Chief and claimed that Sergeant Mark Isley was named Chief of Police.

The Monroe Police Department released the body camera footage from these incidents to their YouTube channel here.

Authorities remind the public that no Council Member of the City of Monroe has the ability to fire a City employee, and none of the employees at the Police Department, including the Chief, were fired.



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