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Multiple Named Storms Active in the Atlantic


We are in peak hurricane season and the Atlantic is active this week with two named storms and two other areas to watch for further development.

Tropical Storm Peter is moving north of the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Rainfall totals up to 6″ will be possible for parts of the Northern Leeward Islands. It will take a more northerly track over the next 24 hours where it will enter a more unfavorable environment. This is not a threat to the U.S. mainland.

Tropical Storm Rose is located more than 900 miles NW of the Cape Verde Islands. It is barely a tropical storm and will continue to weaken as it moves north over the next few days remaining a fish storm.

As of September 21, there have been 17 named storms in the Atlantic – 3 more than the seasonal average of 14. Of those storms, 6 have become hurricanes and 3 of those have become major hurricanes (Cat. 3+ or greater). Hurricane season ends November 30.


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