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New Call For Now Ex-Myers Park Principal To Resign From CMS Re-Assignment


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – There are new calls for the embattled Myers Park principal to resign. Mark Bosco has been re-assigned within the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools district, but one former student says that’s not good enough. Bosco will now work as a “senior administrator.” WCCB is told by a district source this is a lateral move with no pay change. Current and former students accused Bosco of mishandling their reports of sex assault on the Myers Park High School campus.

Bosco’s attorney Sally Higgins says after a “lengthy and thorough investigation of the facts, CMS finds no basis to conclude he mishandled any allegation of sexual misconduct.” She also says much of the media coverage has not been “fair” to her client.

Myers Park graduate Nikki Wombwell, who sued CMS for its handling of her on-campus rape allegation, says, “You know what’s really unfair? Being raped on your high school campus and having the people that are supposed to protect you cover it up.” She continues, “I mean, have you ever heard of an investigation that didn’t talk to any of the people who came forward with the complaints?”

Wombwell calls the investigation a sham. She wants an outside agency to investigate Bosco’s behavior, or she wants him to resign. She is organizing another protest.


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