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Rising Food Costs Causing Increased Need At Local Food Pantries


CHARLOTTE, NC. — Work is underway for what Sue Bruce refers to as “primetime” for Loaves & Fishes of Charlotte food pantry.

“Thanksgiving is the one holiday that’s all about a meal. It’s all about food, and it’s all about a meal and coming together and sharing a meal together,” Bruce with Loaves and Fishes says.

Bruce says the food pantry expects to hand out more than 5,000 turkeys this year.

“We really need turkeys right now. We ordered turkeys back in August. We were a little nervous about the whole supply chain issues, so we placed the order for 1700 turkeys in August.”

According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, the price to put Thanksgiving dinner on the table this year — is 14% higher than last year. Turkey prices saw the biggest increase, up 24t% since last year. Other staples are seeing an increase– pie-crusts up 20% and dinner rolls up 15%.

Bruce says Loaves & Fishes is spending more money on food, And the price increase is impacting the people they serve.

“It’s impacting them at their grocery bill, so they may be having to make choices. Do I pay this medical bill, do I pay my heating bill, or do I feed my family. So our numbers are increasing in that regard as well.”


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