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Safe Driving In A Big City: Toyota Of N Charlotte Tips 


Whether you’re a brand-new driver or a seasoned veteran of the open road, driving in a big city can be a little intimidating. There are so many more factors to consider and it can be stressful for anyone, no matter how much experience you have as a driver. Our N Charlotte Toyota dealership is here to help! Check out these quick tips on safe driving in a big city before you hit the open road. 

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Six safe driving tips for city streets 

Tip #1: Avoid rush hour if you can. Rush hour in the city can be especially intimidating, especially for a new driver. It’s in your best interest to avoid these times in the morning and evening when there are a lot of commuters on the road. Less traffic means fewer chances of getting into a collision and a lot less stress. 

Tip #2: Drive in the right lane. If you’re nervous about maintaining safe driving habits while in the city, then stick to the right lane. This will allow you to stick to the speed limit without annoying other drivers who want to go faster, as they can easily pass you in the left lane. 

Tip #3: Get situated BEFORE you reach the city. If you’re nervous about driving in the city, be ready for it BEFORE you leave. Know where you’re going, make sure your seat is adjusted, your Bluetooth hooked up, you have your drink situated, etc. Making yourself comfortable before you actually hit the city will help keep your experience less stressful. 

Tip #4: Check crosswalks. Crosswalks tend to be pretty busy in the city, especially during rush hour. Make it a practice of safe driving to check them before pulling through. Just because the light has turned green doesn’t mean that the people have finished crossing. Look both ways and verify you have the ability to safely pull through the crosswalk before actually doing it. 

Tip #5: Don’t engage in distracted driving. You should never engage in distracted driving while behind the wheel of your N Charlotte Toyota, but especially when you’re in the city. Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. You never know when a pedestrian will step into your path, a cyclist will swerve into your lane, etc. and there is definitely more traffic to contend with. Stay focused on the task at hand! 

Tip #6: Know your way around. If you’ve ever driven in a city, you know just how fast those turns can come up on you. If you don’t really know your way around, it’s a good idea to set your navigation so it can give you step-by-step directions out loud. This will make it less stressful to employ safe driving and still get where you need to go in the most timely manner. 

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Get a city-friendly new car at Toyota of N Charlotte 

Ready to take on city driving? Call Toyota of N Charlotte for more safe driving tips and to explore our wide selection of commuter-friendly cars. We’re open seven days a week at (704) 875-9199 and we’re conveniently located just off I-77 at exit 23 in Huntersville. 


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