Search Warrant Sealed In Investigation Into Jordan Smith’s Disappearance

CONCORD, N.C. – WCCB has learned a search warrant in the case of missing Jordan Smith of Concord has been sealed by a superior court judge. We are told it was sealed “for the sake of witness privacy.” Kannapolis Police are helping concord police investigate the 27-year-old woman’s disappearance.

A detective tells WCCB they investigated a lead back in April that led them to a house in Kannapolis, which is why they got the search warrant. The detective says there was no evidence of foul play in the house, but they did collect evidence for evaluation.

Jordan’s mom just wants answers. Tracie Barbee says, “I just want to know where my child is and I want to bring her home. No matter what. That’s all I really want.” She also says, “Somebody somewhere knows something. There is no way a human being just vanishes.”

If you have any information about Jordan Smith, call the Cabarrus Area Crime Stoppers at 704-93-crime.

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