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Shots Fired Into Car on I-485 During Tuesday Morning Commute


CHARLOTTE, NC – Terrifying moments for a driver along I-485 in South Charlotte Tuesday morning.

Police are looking for whoever shot into a man’s car during the morning commute.

“I heard some loud pops. Really bangs,” said the man, who asked WCCB to withhold his identity.

He says he was driving on I-485 near Idlewild road at around 6:30 this morning. A car came up quickly behind him in the fast lane. He says he moved over to get out of the way.

“The car went around me. Got in front of me and erratic driving in both lanes going back and forth. It happened within seconds,” the man explained.

He says the car then slowed down next to his vehicle and fired at least four shots.  One bullet passed through the passenger side window and across his face before shattering the driver’s side window.

“I’m grateful. I’m grateful and I’m blessed,” said the man getting emotional, “there was a higher force at work here for me.”

He says the violence was unnecessary and unprovoked.

“It’s very concerning,” said Tim Aycock with the Matthews Police Department.

He says they have a vague description of the suspect. Aycock also says road rage is a problem.

“We all have bad days, but we can’t be making decisions like this and putting people’s lives and their safety in danger,” said Aycock.

The victim says he’s appreciative of the police response and doesn’t want anyone else to be victimized.

“I want to let people know that there is somebody out there that is doing evil and bad things and I don’t want this to happen to anybody else,” he said.


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