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The Seven Car Accessories You Need For Tailgating Season 


Tailgating season is here! Are you ready to load up and hit the big game? The best way to make the most of tailgating season is to prep ahead of time, and we’re not just talking buying enough plastic cups and making sure you have the condiments packed. You also need to prep your N Charlotte Toyota if you’re taking it tailgating. 

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Group Of Sports Fans Tailgating In Stadium Car Park

Don’t leave home without these car accessories this season 

How can you prep your car for tailgating? First, you’ll need to get it up to date on service and repairs. After all, you don’t want to miss the game because you’re stuck with a dead battery or a flat tire. You’ll also need to detail it so it’s looking like-new again, and finally, you might want to invest in some car accessories. Check out our list of recommendations below! 

#1: Speakers 

You’ll definitely want to play music while tailgating, but you also don’t want to drain your N Charlotte Toyota’s battery or waste gas using the speakers inside of your car’s cabin. Invest in some wireless speakers or speakers that can plug into the outlet in the back of your car or truck for power. 

#2: Cargo carrier 

Are you the type of fan that won’t miss a game, whether it’s home or away? If your travels take you out of town and you still need space for your gear, consider a cargo carrier for your stuff. It’s an easy way to get more out of your limited truck space and still have all of your supplies for the game. 

#3: Power inverter 

This car accessory is perfect for tailgating, but also for camping, the beach… anywhere you may need power when you’re not close to an actual outlet. A power inverter swaps direct currents to alternating currents so it’s easy to charge and run small devices without having to blow through double AA batteries. 

#4: Bed cover 

A bed cover can come in handy for tailgating season, especially if you go the topper route. It’ll keep your stuff dry and out of the wind when the weather doesn’t want to cooperate, and also give you a safe place to stow stuff when you head into the stadium. 

#5: Bungee cords 

Who DOESN’T need bungee cords? It never hurts to have extras of this car accessory lying around, but it can really come in handy during tailgating season. You can use them to tie things down while you’re on the road, keep coolers closed, hang trash bags, and more. Keep a few in your car at all times! 

#6: Hitch 

If you’re heading out of town, you may want to tow behind you. Whether it’s a small smoker or a large and comfortable camper, you need to ensure you have a tow hitch on your N Charlotte Toyota or else you’re going nowhere fast. Ask our service department about having one installed! 

#7: Cargo organizer 

Finally, don’t let a mess cargo area leave you at loose ends when you finally arrive at the game. Use a cargo area to keep hot dog buns separate from the bags of charcoal and stay organized both to and from the game. 

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Group Of Sports Fans Tailgating In Stadium Car Park

Shop for car accessories at Toyota of N Charlotte! 

Want to shop car accessories for tailgating season? Call Toyota of N Charlotte today at (704) 875-9199! We’re open seven days a week. 


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