‘This World Was Too Harsh For Him’: Mother Of Mooresville Teen Who Ended His Life Speaks About Days Leading To His Death

MOORESVILLE —  A Mooresville mother reflects on the last few days of her son’s life.  17-year-old Mario “Nathan” Lopez took his own life one week ago at Mooresville High School.

Suicide is an uncomfortable conversation to have with your child.  But, Lopez’s mother say it’s an important one.  Ashley Lopez says Nathan struggled with anxiety his entire life.  She says it began when he was in third grade, and he learned about the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  His mother says from that day on Nathan was home-schooled until his sophomore year in high school.

“He’s been hospitalized for mental illness.  He went to therapy every single week since 2019.  I honestly think that the world is just too harsh for him.  He was so kind.  The evil that is in this world was too much for his heart to bear,” says Ashley Lopez, Nathan’s mother.

This year, Nathan was back in school, and was a thriving senior.  His mother says November 10th started off as just a normal day, until several of his friends began to receive goodbye messages from him.  A fellow student found his body at Mooresville High.

If you are in need of help, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

Watch the full length video with Ashley Lopez below:

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