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Twin Sisters Buy Building In Lincolnton To Manufacture “Mermaid Tails”


LINCOLNTON, N.C. — Twin sisters Abby & Bryn Roberts founded Finfolk Productions to bring realistic, fully swimmable mermaid tails and accessories to the public. This year you can expect to see tails like theirs in action at the Carolina Renaissance Festival.

Recently these sisters bought a three-story brick building on South Poplar Street in Lincolnton N.C., where they will be making their mermaid tails and other accessories.

The duo, originally from Minnesota, spent a few years in Hawaii before returning to the mainland to expand their “mermaiding” business.

“Mermaiding” is described as the practice of wearing a mermaid tail and swimming in it. It can be done for sport, fun, self-expression, exercise, and even as a career.

After the Roberts’ moved to Asheville in 2016, they began looking for a building to purchase or rent, which lead them to the building on South Poplar Street.

They plan on beginning operations in Lincolnton in the fall and say they will also be doing an apparel line and dive wear line eventually.

At this year’s Renaissance Festival, attendees will have the opportunity to see just what “mermaiding” is first hand.

Festival officials say guests can journey to the grotto to experience the all new Living Mermaid exhibit where Sea Fairies enchant, delight, and of course swim.

These mermaids will be on display in a 3,000 gallon aquarium performing flips, blowing bubble hearts, and splashing tails for all to see.

Families are invited to sit together atop the mermaid throne to meet these amazing underwater performers and take pictures.

The Renaissance Festival will be held from October 2nd through November 21st on Poplar Tent Road in Huntersville.

Click here to read more about the 2021 Renaissance Festival.

Click here to purchase tails, accessories, and more from Finfolk Productions.






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