What Is CMPD Animal Care & Control’s Staycation Program And How Does It Work?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Not ready to adopt? Bring a CMPD Animal Care & Control dog home for a Staycation!

What is a Staycation?

A Staycation is a break from the kennels for a shelter dog. ALL of CMPD AC&C’s dogs qualify for this program. This helps the shelter learn more about the dogs and how they act in a home environment, as well as gets them out of the shelter. If you take home a Staycation dog, fall in love, and want to officially adopt, you can do so for FREE*.

CMPD Animal Care & Control also encourages posting your staycation dogs on social media, tagging them, and using #ACCstaycation.

You can find CMPD AC&C at @animalscmpd on Facebook & Instagram; @CMPD_ACC on Twitter.

How does a Staycation work?

Come to the shelter during business hours (no appointment needed, no applications), see the adoptable dogs, take a picture of the kennel card of the dog you wish to take, show the staff your picture and your ID, sign a waiver, and take them home. Be sure to bring them back on the 5th day OR bring them with you to complete the adoption. That’s it!

Dogs in the pre-adoption kennels do not apply for staycations.

*A $10 license applies to Mecklenburg County pet owners when adopting.

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