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What the Tech: Unique Toys for Christmas


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Some of the more popular toys and gifts for kids have been sold out for weeks or even months. Video gaming systems and remote controlled toys are in high demand this Christmas and computer chip shortages and shipping delays may mean, even if you can find them and agree
to pay more, they still won’t arrive in time for Christmas morning.

I’ve rounded up a few cool tech toy gadgets that are still available and can arrive in time for the holiday.

The PowerUp 4.0 paper airplane includes a motor and propellers that make the plane more like a drone that paper. The PowerUp comes with templates to build or fold paper airplanes and a book, sold separately, shows how to make a dozen others.

Following the directions and the guides printed on paper, I managed to fold a paper airplane in a few minutes. The propeller and motor is then taped to the paper. The motor has a rechargeable battery that flies a plane for about 10 minutes.

I tried it on a windy day but the PowerUp airplane still flew really well and I could control spins and barrel rolls and the direction using the PowerUp app on a smartphone.

If the plane crashes and gets torn, you can always fold another one. The PowerUp 4.0 paper airplane is about $70.

Moms and dads may remember the Rubik’s Cube. The GoCube is a techy version. I never could solve these things, but the GoCube app knows exactly where each tile is and walks you through the solutions. The GoCube also has a lot of games to play and is $70.

Speaking of STEM toys, the Boolean Box contains everything a kid needs to build their own computer and games. The Boolean Box Pink edition is This one is especially for girls 8 and up. 12 year old Molly Brownlee used the Box and the included Rasberry Pie to build her computer in about 20 minutes. The kit comes with everything you need to build a computer along with a mouse and keyboard. As they follow the instructions they learn the important first steps of computer coding. The Boolean box start at $120.

These tech toys that can get them outside and away from screens. Just don’t tell them, they might learn something.


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