Wilson’s World: At Pet In The City With The Charlotte Fire Department Sharing Tips To Keep The Entire Family Safe For Thanksgiving

CHARLOTTE, NC — Wilson was at Pet in the City with the Charlotte Fire Department sharing tips for keeping the entire family safe for Thanksgiving and also a big announcement about the Charlotte Fire Dogs!

Be careful with the turkey around your animals, even a small amount can cause a life-threatening condition known as pancreatitis. Fatty foods are hard for animals to digest, many foods that are ok for people are poisonous to pets, onions, raisins and grapes should not be shared with your animals. If you think your pet has been poisoned or eaten something it shouldn’t have, call your veterinarian or local vet emergency clinic.

It’s a good idea to stay in the kitchen when you are cooking. Most kitchen fires happen when food is left unattended. Make sure to turn burners and the oven off when you are done! Confirm your smoke alarms are working! If you didn’t test them during the time change, go ahead and check them today.

Merrick Pet Care’s Kristen Aprile announced that Merrick is going to sponsor food for the Charlotte Fire Dogs! Cat and Phoenix are active dogs, helping firefighters every day, and they need good healthy food to keep them going strong!


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