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Women Owned And Operated Tattoo Shop In Charlotte Holds Zodiac Flash Event On 11/11


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — In honor of 11/11 being one of the most spirtually lucky days of the year, Haylo Healing Arts Lounge in Charlotte is holding a Zodiac Flash Day to commemorate it.

The all-female tattoo shop is offering custom Haylo Zodiac signs for the 1111 Extravaganza that customers can get tattooed anywhere on their body, as long as they make an appointment with their studio on 1111 Central Avenue beforehand.

To participate in the 11/11 event, the tattoo shop is asking customers to send an email titled “Zodiac Flash,” with their name, the Flash piece they are interested in, and the body placement they would like to haylostudio@gmail.com.

Haylo officials say once this email is sent, they will reply to schedule a time with the customer to drop off the mandatory $100 cash deposit in order to secure their spot.

Officials remind customers that spots can only be secured via cash deposit on a first come, first serve basis (prices vary for each tattoo).

Anyone who wears a Haylo t-shirt to the Flash event will also receive a free treat bag!

Haylo officials say if you don’t already own one of their t-shirts, no fret, just email Sam at the front desk to come pick yours up.

The number 1111 is considered spiritually significant in both astrology and numerology.

Officials say the number represents a powerful opportunity to connect with you inner self and kickstart some good spiritual growth.

Not only is 1111 considered a master number, but officials say it’s also an angel number through which your spirit guides may be trying to contact you.

So, take advantage of this day of good fortune and new beginnings with a new tattoo designed by the artists of Haylo Healing Arts Lounge.




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